About us

Passion for excellence

We specialize in precision machining for the energy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and general mechanical engineering sectors.

Passion, progress and excellence are the keywords that define us.

It is passion for our work that is the common thread between past and present, and passion is the driving force that guides us towards a future that sees innovation as an opportunity for continuous improvement and growth.


Our mission

Our company’s mission is to carry out precision machining with chip export of large components to customer drawings and contract work.

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art vertical lathes and milling-milling machines, which allow us to offer our customers customized services and to guarantee quality and professionalism.

We work every day pursuing a common goal: to offer a customized and quality service to our customers, striving to ensure that they are satisfied and can in turn offer high quality products that can improve their position in the market.

Adaptation to the market and the customer’s needs, thanks also to the craftsmanship given to the production of components. This approach has allowed us over the years to be among the excellences in our sector

We want to be synonymous with excellence, reliability and innovation.

Torneria Pesante srl - Passione per l'eccellenza

Our values





We believe in continuous evolution and the constant search for means that will enable us to overcome increasingly interesting challenges and achieve ever more ambitious goals.

For us, innovation is the starting point for tackling the challenges we face every day, interpreted as continuous opportunities for professional and personal growth, before production and economic growth.

We are a team of people who share a passion for mechanics and technology, united by the aspiration of constant development to offer a service of excellence.

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Our team consists of both young people and people with years of experience behind them; it is precisely this heterogeneity that allows us to have a forward-looking approach.

We have been working in the metalworking industry for more than 60 years, which has allowed us to acquire considerable operational flexibility, extensive knowledge of the sector and a high level of expertise.

Attention to quality and detail, the pursuit of excellence and respect for people are among the main values that the company upholds. Among our strengths are the relationships we have established with our customers over the years, which are based on transparency and fairness.

Torneria Pesante 4.0

Torneria Pesante sets as one of its founding pillars the continuous search for cutting-edge, latest-generation technologies. Focused on the present, we invest and work to anticipate and meet the challenges in an ever-changing market. Over the years we have invested to encourage both a continuous improvement of the working processes adopted and a continuous updating of the machinery fleet to allow for the best efficiency and precision in machining.