We believe in the value of people

Even before being an industrial reality, Torneria Pesante is a close-knit team of passionate technicians and people who share values and goals. We believe that people are the beating heart of a company and that it is they, with their skills and values, who make every achievement possible.

We think of the company as an environment in which we can grow not only professionally but also on a personal level. One of the challenges we set ourselves every day is to create a stimulating work environment with challenging goals that enhance the skills and talents of each person.

Dynamic, innovative and curious: these are the qualities that distinguish our technicians.

Torneria Pesante - Passione per l'eccellenza

Innovation for us also means training our staff so that, through a continuous learning path, they can have opportunities for growth and internal mobility.

In Torneria Pesante we never stop learning, every day we are faced with new challenges and that is why it is necessary to have people who are up-to-date, up-to-date and with a continuous look at the future. We invest in the training of our staff because we believe that the added value of a company is precisely the skills of its people.

We believe in the importance of work-life balance, which is why we consider it essential to promote offers and initiatives that benefit our team, both within the company and outside.

At Torneria Pesante, in spite of our size, we have found it necessary to support our staff through the implementation of Corporate Welfare policies, such as: the internal canteen agreement, flexible working hours, facilitation on the daily (e.g., the possibility of receiving personal packages in the company) and bonuses of different amounts (in 2022, shopping vouchers were given to be used in a local Conad supermarket).

We believe in young people, which is why we have never stopped investing in the younger generation, because we think they are the key to progress. Ours is a job that is not immediately understood, and we know (because we’ve been there ourselves) how difficult it is to know right out of school what career path to take. In order to direct the choices in the work field, Torneria Pesante has been partnering with a number of specialized technical training institutes in the Parma area for some years now.

Partnerships with technical institutes in the area:


Career Day at:

  • University of Parma
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Open Days are days when friends, family members and young talents can come and visit our company to “touch with their hands” our world. During these days real tours of the company will be held, so it will be possible to admire our workshop and visit our offices.

Our value code

  • Always be curious
  • Be committed to giving your best
  • Be present
  • Take the initiative, but don’t go it alone
  • Transparency is a power, use it

Code of ethics

Torneria Pesante - Passione per l'eccellenza


We are constantly looking for new people to join our team. Check out the open positions and send us your resume!