Energy department

Energy department

We believe that companies have an instrumental role in helping to create a more sustainable and next-generation-oriented world.

Thus, in 2016, out of a desire to take part in change and new needs in the market, the department dedicated to the energy sector was born.

Over the years the department has expanded and to date we are part of the Green New Deal and collaborate with companies that work day in and day out on the energy transaction.

We are involved in the manufacture of components for gas, wind and hydrogen turbines.

The components are manufactured through the use of 4.0 machine tools with advanced CAD/CAM design systems and subjected to post-production inspections (leakage and hydraulic pressure tests) that ascertain the excellence and quality of the components manufactured. Where required, certification and technical documentation related to the country of destination of the product respecting the latest regulations in force are also issued.

Our technical department will be happy to consult for feasibility analysis and advice for any specific requirements.